Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Meal Plan as a Married Woman

Meal Plan for October 30, 2015-November 5, 2015

Friday 10/30: PTA Costume Party 6-8/Granby Theater Kick-Off 10-12
Tombstone Pizzas

Saturday (Halloween) 10/31: Aragona Civic League Spooktacular/Town & Treat/Mom's Halloween Party
Autumn Chopped Salad (Mom's Party)
Puff Pastry Pumpkins (Mom's Party)

Sunday 11/1: Dad's Tailgate

Monday (Day of the Dead) 11/2
Chicken Enchilada Skillet
Southwest Salad
Easy Mexican Rice

Tuesday 11/3
Poverty Meal
Canned green beans
Homemade biscuits

Wednesday 11/4
Autumn Chowder
Sister Schubert Rolls

Thursday 11/5
Pork Chops with Apples and Stuffing
Mashed potatoes
Sauteed Cabbage

Thursday, January 29, 2015

L'Hiver 2015: Weight Loss Wednesday

In my new quest for a healthy new year, I have implemented YouTube videos as a huge part of my workout regime. I have found that Pilates and Yoga are wonderful ways to get some strength training with out a lot of impact on my knees. Plus, me personally, I get a pretty good cardio workout but that just may be because I am sorely out of shape. I have been doing a 20-45 minute video three to four times a week and I can feel and see a difference. I also supplement my workout with long, brisk walks one to two times a day with my German Shepherd, Roscoe. Here is the video I did today.

My diet on the other hand is still a work in progress. I started out pretty good today. A protein shake made for me in the morning by my wonderful man of the house. He gets up pretty early for work and blends me up one before I get up. Lucky gal? Why yes I am. It is just a scoop of Dymatize Nutrition Banana Nut protein powder, one banana, three to four strawberries, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and enough vanilla almond milk to get the consistency you want. This literally is the only smoothie I will drink. I'm just not a smoothie fan.

Here is the protein powder we like.

This stuff is good. I have tried Vanilla and I have tried Chocolate. They all taste like chalk. I just can't get past that after taste. But I can't even tell this stuff is in there. And as I'm thinking about it. I really think it makes my smoothie taste way better. 

Then came the rest of the day. I snacked on Newman's Own oreo cookies. Yes, they are organic. But no, they are in no way a part of a healthy weight loss diet. Strike one. 

I can't even remember what I ate for lunch. Strike two.

I had a small 7" pizza for dinner with mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, tomato slices, and a crap load of cheese. Veggies were a good choice but all that cheese was not. Cheese. Just make that three strikes.

Feeling guilty I finished off my night with a lot of make-up water. I chugged ice water like it was going to melt my previous moments of weakness magically. Maybe it at least washed it out of my system quicker or diluted it just a teeny bit. (Wishful thinking right there).

I vow to start fresh tomorrow. No cookies. One cookie. No cheese laden pizzas.

Monday, January 26, 2015

L'Hiver 2015: Meal Plan Monday

Our menu for the upcoming week and a half plus Superbowl. My aunt is having a party and I hate to show up empty handed. None of these meals are set in stone for any specific day. I just like to have some sort of guideline to keep us on track. We are trying to pay off some credit cards before we look into the housing market. So it's strict budgeting time.

I'm trying to incorporate more healthy, unprocessed, whole foods. Some days you just got to use a boxed stuffing mix. What are you gonna do.

    Egg Salad Sandwiches
    Green Beans

2.  Cereal
     PB & J and fruit
    Brown Rice
    Green Salad with pinto beans & avocado (mine is similar to this one)

3.  Oatmeal with fruit
     Chicken Salad Sandwiches
     Steaks on the grill
     Steamed Broccoli
     Baked Potatoes

4.  Smoothie
     Canned Soup
    Slow Cooker Whole Chicken (I usually use some variation of this recipe)
    Low Sodium Stuffing
    Cranberry sauce

     PB & J with fruit
     Burgers/Chicken Breast Sandwiches 
     Extra Crispy Steak Fries from Eat What You Love Everyday by Marlene Koch
     Green Salad with Pears and Walnuts and this vinaigrette

     Canned Soup
     Whole wheat Rolls

7. Superbowl Food:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

automne 2014: Meal plan 10/13-10/19

I am ahead of the game this week (for once). I have next week's meals all planned out and they are fall/Halloween themed! I feel like a really organized blogger mommy that has cool, homemade surprises ready all month long. There are six days of meals because Friday or Saturday is going to be an eat out night. I haven't tried any of these recipes except for the grilled hamburgers & hot dogs so I don't have any reviews for them. Most of the recipes are from the October/November issue of Allrecipes Magazine and a few are from Relish which I got in my Sunday's paper.


Country Style Steak
Mashed Potatoes (I usually use this recipe)
Broccoli & Cheese Steamer (I like Green Giant's boxed ones)

Ultimate Chicken Fingers
Homemade Mac and Cheese
Corn Steamer

Calzone Snake
Texas Toast Dip'n Sticks (on sale at my local Farm Fresh this month)
Green Salad

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
Corn (I like Green Giant's Frozen niblet corn 12 pack)
Parmesan Knots

Eat out Night

Saturday Brunch:
Baked Denver Omelet
Crunchy Apple & Grape Salad

Easy Brown Sugar Pork Roast
Apple Walnut Cranberry Salad
Sweet Cooked Apples
Apple & Twix Pie

None of these recipes are my own, nor am I paid for my opinions by any companies mentioned. Just my honest opinion. Please follow the links provided for original recipes. I am just a stay at home mom trying out delicious recipes by other super awesome cooks.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

été 2014: Broke Vaycay: Woodchuck Ciderbration

This past weekend, the Man of the House and I took a weekend excursion to Middlebury, Vermont for the Woodchuck Hard Cider Ciderbration.

Get this...I won that trip.

Free. Everything! Entering sweepstakes sure does pay off!

Day One: Travel Day

Our flight left on Friday from Norfolk International and we were supposed to have a connection in Philedelphia BUUUUTTTT due to some delay we circled the airport for about 15-20 minutes, missing our connection to Burlington by mere minutes. We were on standby for 12 hours in the Philadelphia airport. Waiting at gates with anticipation, hoping that some poor passengers didn't show up and we could take their spot. But alas, each and every flight was full or we were not close enough to the top of the priority list. Our replacement flight was confirmed for 8:55 pm.

Yes. P.M. What a tiring day in Philadelphia. We haunted Local Tavern in Terminal F for hours. Playing on their free iPads for hours like zombies. We tried different drinks (alcoholic and non).

I must say the outfit I chose for a few hours of flying was not a good one. It ended up being uncomfortable and I was freezing. The shirt was a little too big and it kept slipping all over, showing my bra, riding up, etc.

Lesson learned: Always expect a delay or layover. Comfy is key.

Shirt: H&M (thrifted)
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters (Cut-off from jeans)
Cardigan: Mossimo/Target
Sandals: Mossimo/Target

We wandered from terminal to terminal, aimlessly. I can confidently say that I never want to do that again. Finally, we boarded our confirmed replacement flight at 8:55 p.m. We arrived in Burlington, VT sometime around 10:30 p.m.

From that time on, the vacation went awesomely. We hitched a ride with Middlebury Transit and rode the 45 minutes or so to the shire town of Middlebury.
Middlebury Inn 
Day Two: Morning Sightseeing

Plaid Shirt: Land's End (Thrifted)
Shorts: same American Eagle ones
Sandals: same Mossimo ones
Bag: unknown brand (Thrifted)

Day Two: Afternoon Ciderbration

I think our little weekend getaway was wonderful. On Day Three we just got up had some breakfast and caught our flight home. I wore a black jersey dress, my white cardi, and some black flip flops. Lesson seriously learned. 

The only thing missing. C-Bot. I really wish she could have been there. Next time! I am planning a weekend birthday trip to Williamsburg for all of us!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

été 2014: Meal Plan Monday...on Tuesday.

This week is a short week in the meal department. On Friday, man of the house and I are taking a weekend trip to Vermont! I wanted to make this post a Monday regular but I was so busy yesterday I missed out. But it will show up next Monday I promise!

Easy One Pan Ratatouille from the Mama Owl Blog
Fresh French Bread
Green Salad

Grilled Brats and Hot Dogs
Fresh Steamed Green Beans with Butter and Parmesan

Tuscan Pasta with Tomato Basil Cream from My recipes
Snowflake Rolls from Grocery Store
Pan-fried Squash from Ready Set Eat

Very Greek Grilled Chicken from Kalyn's Kitchen
Healthy Red Potato & Dill Salad from Table for Two
Southern Skillet Corn from Kevin and Amanda

I already made the ratatouille. It came out scrumptious! It was my first time eating and making this and it was so simple and delicious.

What I learned from making ratatouille:

1. Eggplant is good not yucky.
2. I can't wait to find more recipes for it.
3. French comfort food isn't fancy schmancy!
4. It also makes you learn things. (see all of the above)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

été 2014: Grilled Tuscan Chicken

This is totally a summertime dish. Easy, bright and lemony, kitchenless. My family loved the crispy, flavorful skin and tender, juicy meat. We used split chicken breasts because they are super cheap and we are hardcore budgeting. I'm sure any type of chicken will do, pretty much because this marinade is awesome.

Because cookbooks are expensive and must-have bestsellers are not in the budget right now, I am a frequent flyer to the library. I am there literally twice a week. It's sad. And nerdy.

On my holds list are always cookbooks. I found this little treasure in the brand spanking new cookbook by Debbie Mazar and her Tuscan husband Gabriele Corcos, Extra Virgin. Let's just say this cookbook is definitely on my wishlist. I found tons of great recipes. During my checkout I tried this one and it is now going to be a summertime staple.

I basically marinaded it. My man cooked it. We ate it. I love that!

Grilled Tuscan Chicken
Taken from Extra Virgin

2 small handfuls chopped rosemary
1/2 cup olive oil
Juice of 2 lemons
Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper
2 (3 1/2 lb. chickens), cut up (I used 2 packages of split chicken breasts)
3 large handfuls arugula (I used Organic Girl Super Greens)
Lemon, sliced for serving

Special equipment needed: 2 foil covered bricks (I did not use)

Preheat the grill to medium-high heat. Add the chopped rosemary, lemon juice, salt, and pepper to a large resealable plastic bag.

Oil the grill grates, remove the chicken from the marinade and place the chickens skin-side down on the hot grill rack.
Place 2 foil-covered bricks on top of the chicken to weigh it down. Grill 20 minutes, then remove the bricks and flip. Continue cooking for 15 to 20 minutes longer, or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes before carving.
Serve the chicken on a bed of arugula with lemon slices.

I served the chicken breasts with an organic spring salad mix and fresh mushrooms and plain old white rice.I love summertime for easy cooking. My kitchen is cool and there is WAY less clean up.
You can really taste the brightness of the lemon and of course the fresh rosemary just compliments that beautifully. Summer in a bite!