Wednesday, September 3, 2014

été 2014: Broke Vaycay: Woodchuck Ciderbration

This past weekend, the Man of the House and I took a weekend excursion to Middlebury, Vermont for the Woodchuck Hard Cider Ciderbration.

Get this...I won that trip.

Free. Everything! Entering sweepstakes sure does pay off!

Day One: Travel Day

Our flight left on Friday from Norfolk International and we were supposed to have a connection in Philedelphia BUUUUTTTT due to some delay we circled the airport for about 15-20 minutes, missing our connection to Burlington by mere minutes. We were on standby for 12 hours in the Philadelphia airport. Waiting at gates with anticipation, hoping that some poor passengers didn't show up and we could take their spot. But alas, each and every flight was full or we were not close enough to the top of the priority list. Our replacement flight was confirmed for 8:55 pm.

Yes. P.M. What a tiring day in Philadelphia. We haunted Local Tavern in Terminal F for hours. Playing on their free iPads for hours like zombies. We tried different drinks (alcoholic and non).

I must say the outfit I chose for a few hours of flying was not a good one. It ended up being uncomfortable and I was freezing. The shirt was a little too big and it kept slipping all over, showing my bra, riding up, etc.

Lesson learned: Always expect a delay or layover. Comfy is key.

Shirt: H&M (thrifted)
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters (Cut-off from jeans)
Cardigan: Mossimo/Target
Sandals: Mossimo/Target

We wandered from terminal to terminal, aimlessly. I can confidently say that I never want to do that again. Finally, we boarded our confirmed replacement flight at 8:55 p.m. We arrived in Burlington, VT sometime around 10:30 p.m.

From that time on, the vacation went awesomely. We hitched a ride with Middlebury Transit and rode the 45 minutes or so to the shire town of Middlebury.
Middlebury Inn 
Day Two: Morning Sightseeing

Plaid Shirt: Land's End (Thrifted)
Shorts: same American Eagle ones
Sandals: same Mossimo ones
Bag: unknown brand (Thrifted)

Day Two: Afternoon Ciderbration

I think our little weekend getaway was wonderful. On Day Three we just got up had some breakfast and caught our flight home. I wore a black jersey dress, my white cardi, and some black flip flops. Lesson seriously learned. 

The only thing missing. C-Bot. I really wish she could have been there. Next time! I am planning a weekend birthday trip to Williamsburg for all of us!