Thursday, January 29, 2015

L'Hiver 2015: Weight Loss Wednesday

In my new quest for a healthy new year, I have implemented YouTube videos as a huge part of my workout regime. I have found that Pilates and Yoga are wonderful ways to get some strength training with out a lot of impact on my knees. Plus, me personally, I get a pretty good cardio workout but that just may be because I am sorely out of shape. I have been doing a 20-45 minute video three to four times a week and I can feel and see a difference. I also supplement my workout with long, brisk walks one to two times a day with my German Shepherd, Roscoe. Here is the video I did today.

My diet on the other hand is still a work in progress. I started out pretty good today. A protein shake made for me in the morning by my wonderful man of the house. He gets up pretty early for work and blends me up one before I get up. Lucky gal? Why yes I am. It is just a scoop of Dymatize Nutrition Banana Nut protein powder, one banana, three to four strawberries, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and enough vanilla almond milk to get the consistency you want. This literally is the only smoothie I will drink. I'm just not a smoothie fan.

Here is the protein powder we like.

This stuff is good. I have tried Vanilla and I have tried Chocolate. They all taste like chalk. I just can't get past that after taste. But I can't even tell this stuff is in there. And as I'm thinking about it. I really think it makes my smoothie taste way better. 

Then came the rest of the day. I snacked on Newman's Own oreo cookies. Yes, they are organic. But no, they are in no way a part of a healthy weight loss diet. Strike one. 

I can't even remember what I ate for lunch. Strike two.

I had a small 7" pizza for dinner with mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, tomato slices, and a crap load of cheese. Veggies were a good choice but all that cheese was not. Cheese. Just make that three strikes.

Feeling guilty I finished off my night with a lot of make-up water. I chugged ice water like it was going to melt my previous moments of weakness magically. Maybe it at least washed it out of my system quicker or diluted it just a teeny bit. (Wishful thinking right there).

I vow to start fresh tomorrow. No cookies. One cookie. No cheese laden pizzas.

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