Tuesday, August 19, 2014

été 2014: Meal Plan Monday...on Tuesday.

This week is a short week in the meal department. On Friday, man of the house and I are taking a weekend trip to Vermont! I wanted to make this post a Monday regular but I was so busy yesterday I missed out. But it will show up next Monday I promise!

Easy One Pan Ratatouille from the Mama Owl Blog
Fresh French Bread
Green Salad

Grilled Brats and Hot Dogs
Fresh Steamed Green Beans with Butter and Parmesan

Tuscan Pasta with Tomato Basil Cream from My recipes
Snowflake Rolls from Grocery Store
Pan-fried Squash from Ready Set Eat

Very Greek Grilled Chicken from Kalyn's Kitchen
Healthy Red Potato & Dill Salad from Table for Two
Southern Skillet Corn from Kevin and Amanda

I already made the ratatouille. It came out scrumptious! It was my first time eating and making this and it was so simple and delicious.

What I learned from making ratatouille:

1. Eggplant is good not yucky.
2. I can't wait to find more recipes for it.
3. French comfort food isn't fancy schmancy!
4. It also makes you learn things. (see all of the above)

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